The Lore Keeper Course

As an official of the now inactive organization IMBAS, the late Celtic scholar Alexei Kondratiev oversaw the development of a training course geared toward the purpose of developing a Celtic worldview in its predominantly Anglo-American membership.  As his original material was non-denominational, Kondratiev, with the help of several volunteers, adapted the material incorporated in his Celtic history and mythology classes into a program called "The Lorekeepers Course" directed specifically towards IMBAS' predominantly Celtic Reconstructionism (CR) audience.

After the completion of the basic outline of the course, work on the training of mentors and implementation of the course came to a standstill.  The final goal had been to complete a test run of the course with Kondratiev as a mentor to work out the bugs and implement new material as deemed necessary.  With the dissolution of IMBAS as a corporate entity in 2004, failed attempts by its officers to re-start the non-profit entity, and the subsequent resignation of its last president, the course was shelved without final development.

Over the rest of the decade, numerous attempts to revive the Lorekeepers course or persuade Kondratiev to present it outside of IMBAS were unsuccessful until April 2010, when he agreed to allow Tearlach Roibeard Luder to resurrect the course and offer it on Celtic Nation to the general public.  Luder agreed to compile the material, develop the web presence for the course and to host it on the Celtic Nation servers; Kondratiev agreed to mentor the course once on-line until a competent group of mentors was in place to take over the teaching duties.

One of the decided directions of the new efforts by the two was to direct the course back towards its original non-denominational presentation.  With that in mind, new material was to be added and allowances were to be made for the continue upgrade of the course as time progressed.

Sadly, Alexei passed away unexpectedly at the end of May, 2010, without witnessing the completion of the course's implementation.  Despite all of the material that had been received over the previous thirty days, a final outline incorporating the new with the old was incomplete. As the untested version had never been officially published, there was considerable doubt as how best to proceed.

In June 2010, Luder and fellow members of the Celtic Nation Yahoo Group made appeals to former members of original volunteers for help in recovering any of the pieces of the  course outline to compare to the new material.  Graciously, Dubh Tine, a longtime member of the IMBAS council in its heyday, volunteered his time and efforts to discover and forward a  significant portion of the languishing course outline.  His efforts were instrumental in formatting the new outline and all those who enjoy the course going forward owe him a debt of gratitude.  Pech Raithbheartiagh, also a former volunteer on the original project, recovered several important pieces from an old hard drive to help round out the outline.  Cuardai Eolais provided continuing compilation assistance as well.  With their invaluable help and generosity,  Luder was able to begin matching the sections of the original course outline to the new work started just prior to Kondratiev's death.   As time progresses, additional material of Alexei's will be made available and noted as it is added.  For referencing purposes, this is "Alexei Kondratiev's Lorekeepers Course 1.0".